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Our company adheres to the managing theory of "Professional, Faithful, Superior and Strong", and to the pursuit of high quality. It has passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and ISO14000 Environment Management Certification.
We attach great importance to technology upgrading. We invested heavily to introduce advanced equipment form Italy, New Zealand, France, Australia and Swiss, including Andar wool scouring line from New Zealand, Italy-made OMMI fully automatic blending system, Octir comber, NSC Thibeau comber from France, GC13, GC14, GC15 gill boxes and PB32, PB33 combers, and Superwash & Soft Luster wool tops system manufactured by KROY/CMT as well as Basolan production line. We are also equipped with sophisticated testing and measurement instruments such as ALMETER AL100TS fiber length distribution tester, Sirolan-Laserscan fiber diameter instrument, etc

In order to meet the high requirement of quality, we also introduced wool scouring technology and automatic joint pretreatment equipment from Andar New Zealand. The PLC(Programmable logic Controller)controls the whole process with feeding, detergent ration, temperature, speed, PH value, moisture regain and so on, which contributes to the realization of high precision standard production management.
We jointly developed waste water treatment system and wool greasy recovery system with CSSC. The system of wool greasy recovery was included in the Golden Bridge Project which is a state major project for the construction of information infrastructure. The system of waste water treatment applies CASS technology and combines chemical with biochemical treatment. The application of innovative technology, such as multipaths of water recycling, heat recovery and bi-product recovery , not only lowers the production cost, but also reduces the discharge of pollutant, thus enhancing the economic profit and social profit of the company.

We lay emphasis on both technologydigestion and innovation. Technical Reform and Development Committee was founded, which is made up of 11 members of core technology leadership team of the company and more than 20 technicists, with the purpose of tackling various technical projects and maximizing economic efficiency.

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